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1st giygas battle - by HAK2

1st giygas battle

i do NOT know right now how to do the guitar section, but i got something here.
my first fan music!

Other Submissions by HAK2

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HAK2 Salad Fingers
carpainter battle sprite
5/5/08 0.00
replaces sentry
5/5/08 0.00
HAK2 So, isn't this terrifiying?
I got the Giygas from a freewebs website. as for the text box, I the grab application, made it bigger, and posted it on there. I learned the magic of photo shop while using this.
6/7/08 0.00
HAK2 Spider Mechs
the original one has leather upholstery and a cup-holder!
4/28/08 0.00
HAK2 Spiteful Crow Draws Near!
Why NOT beat up a bird? There's a nice cookie in it for you...
11/8/10 0.00


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