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No! He's MINE! - by aznricyboy

No! He's MINE!

Falco: "Hands off my prey!"

Other Submissions by aznricyboy

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aznricyboy Dumpster Diving
How did Ness really look like when he met Dr. Saturn? *BOING*
7/25/07 0.00
aznricyboy Lucas Knoxville
I seriously had no idea what I was thinking when I made this. Somehow, I got the idea that Lucas' hairstyle looked like an exaggerated version of Johnny Knoxville's in the Ringer. So I messed around with a Brawl screenshot, and it turned out like this: a horribly made, unoriginal screenshot depicting a scene from the movie. Look, I even threw in a famous quote.
I know something like this has probably been done before. You don't have to remind me.
Made in Photoshop.
11/29/07 0.00
aznricyboy No! He's MINE!
Falco: "Hands off my prey!"
7/2/08 0.00
aznricyboy PSI Rockin'
This is probably my best piece so far, even though a lot of the images look a little slapped-on. Ness was drawn in Flash and background was made in Photoshop.
8/4/07 0.00
aznricyboy The Uncontrollable Sphere
It took me a good hour to make this in Photoshop and this is my first time actually making a 3D object. I think I did pretty good, but I can't get over the fact that its mouth looks like a milk moustache.
7/26/07 0.00


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