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Spore Heavyhead - by handish2000

Spore Heavyhead

A Mother 3 enemy. Took a while to get the arms right.

Other Submissions by handish2000

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handish2000 A Boing Zoom Christmas
I made this Mr. Saturn sculpture for someone who recently played EB for the first time... then wrapped it like in the game.
12/23/07 0.00
handish2000 Brewing Up Some Chimeras for more pictures. Made with wood, glass, clay, and plenty of paint. Spoilers!
10/24/08 0.00
handish2000 Buy Zombie Paper
50% off today only! Also, play "Where's Mr. Saturn?"
10/26/07 0.00
handish2000 Handart Entry - Fighting a Losing Battle
The robot team vs. Giygas in a rather hopeless looking scene. Pray for your life, Paula! (My first real entry into anything here, even after having an account for quite a long time)
10/12/07 0.00
handish2000 Happy Happy Blue Blue?
This is a neighborhood of condos close to where I live.
Every single one of them is the same grey-blue. The cultists must meet there in secret.
3/17/09 0.00


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