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I'm..Jeff - by aaark


i'm sure he'll help any way he can though

Other Submissions by aaark

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aaark attack of the mecha-drago
flint sure is manly! he was able to defeat THIS?
8/3/08 0.00
aaark Attack Slugs...attacked!
(old art) blah!
8/16/08 7.64
aaark I'm..Jeff
i'm sure he'll help any way he can though
8/16/08 5.00
aaark m3 clay whatever
whatevers are so cute ;-; unfortunately i had nothing to make his dome out of, so his brain is open to fresh air! ah

(made from sculpey)
12/23/08 0.00
aaark m3 poster
frogs are so friendly ;-;
3/13/09 0.00


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