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chosen four - by HAK2

chosen four

dah chosn four!

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I think I got nightmares from this hack...
5/19/10 0.00
Mr. Saturn in all his Glory
4/28/08 0.00
HAK2 Bot
don't go to close! it explodes!
5/18/08 0.00
HAK2 Casket Mystery
Ninten had already tried twice to find Pipi, only to find zombies craving his flesh. with only two left, could this be the casket that held his neighbor and friend?

going it's "don't nick my stuff" clause, the textures for this model and the other graveyard model came here:
8/17/09 0.00
HAK2 cereal box
i remade it so it takes more picture space. i hate wasted space.
5/5/08 0.00


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