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Just Ness and Lucas - by TheImp

Just Ness and Lucas

I was trying a new drawing style, and this came out. I personally like how the heads and feet came out

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TheImp Resident MOTHER
This randomly came into my mind, I've been in a zombie killing mood lately, as well as EarthBound, and then I decided, "Why not!?" Ana is Rebecca Chambers, with a Magic Herb (Green Herb) and a First Aid Spray, Ness as Chris Redfield with his Hand Yo-Yo gun (Handgun), also, notice the bat where Chris' knife is, Paula as Jill Valentine with a PSI Launcher (Grenade Launcher), the Rope Snake (Yawn) got mad at Duster (Richard Aiken) and became infected, Duster drops the ShotStaple (Shotgun), Giegue is the Tyrant, Claus as Albert Wesker, and Teddy as Barry Burton killing a zombie. Notice I used 2 of every MOTHER characters for this. If you know the reason why I put the characters like that, I'll give you a cookie =D
9/19/08 0.00


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