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PK BROTHERS - by HourglassofFantasies


Yeah, yeah. They've got no faces, I know.
I tried to give them both faces but the faces came out wrong and so yeah. Much chaos was ensured.
And yeah, there is something wrong with Claus' face. It's that I couldn't wash off the paint I used for his face, it just smudged and because all gray and made Claus look like a zombie... So I had to glue a clean picece of fabric on. Lucas was lucky. I just had to cut off his old head and sew on a new one.

Other Submissions by HourglassofFantasies

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HourglassofFantasies Ana Paper Child
Reach, Ana! REEACH!
5/24/09 0.00
HourglassofFantasies Broken
HEART, that is.
2/8/09 0.00
HourglassofFantasies Lucas in My Life As a Teenage Robot
They started releasing new MLAATR episodes on Nicktoons Network and guess who I found in one of them?
2/28/09 0.00
HourglassofFantasies Magypsie Project: Aeolia
Number two in my collection. Mixolydia finally has a friend now!
1/11/09 0.00
HourglassofFantasies Magypsie Project: Mixolydia
Here is the fifth Magypsie from Mother 3, Mixolydia. He's part of my Magypsie plushie collection which I am currently working on.
PS: Mixy is my favorite Magypsie!
8/26/08 0.00


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