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Ness - by Giegue


Just a fairly quick pic of Ness drawn during the Speed Gamers' marathon

Other Submissions by Giegue

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Giegue Caligraphy Saturn Valley
In Japanese class, we did some caligraphy to celebrate New Years. Being the MOTHER fan I am, I naturally had to do something MOTHER related. This is the result. I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out, especially since it was 100% from memory. I understand it's kind of hard to tell, but it's supposed to be fireworks in a night sky. Oh, and the Japanese at the bottom says "Dosei-san", which translates to Mr. Saturn.
1/9/07 0.00
Giegue Check out my gun
Yet another Masked Man pic, but he's so cool he deserves it
5/21/08 0.00
Giegue Chimera's First Halloween
Okay, seriously? I want a pet Ultimate Chimera. Bad.
10/17/08 0.00
Giegue Chosen Story
The group go trick-or-treating as characters from their favorite freeware game
10/20/08 0.00
Giegue Clumsy Robot
Everyone's favorite little robot, complete with his signature balogna sandwich.
9/7/06 0.00


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