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Ninten (do'h!) - by ZER0 > HER0

Ninten (do'h!)

Just Ninten. His hat looks a little small.

Other Submissions by ZER0 > HER0

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ZER0 > HER0 Earthbound Phone Charm
An awesome phone charm I got! It's got The Chosen Four and Mr. Saturn! Perfect for my new phone, which will have 'Smaaaash!' painted on it.
7/28/08 0.00
ZER0 > HER0 Modernized Lucas Doodle
I got bored during class so I doodled this Lucas inspired by the first opening of Bleach. Y'know, the beginning where Ichigo is wearing that cool jacket with the other characters in a circle around him and the disappear before the logo.
10/6/08 0.00
ZER0 > HER0 Ninten (do'h!)
Just Ninten. His hat looks a little small.
10/6/08 0.00
ZER0 > HER0 Pokey Finds Power
This was something I drew while I was on a 24 road trip across the nation. I had my Grandma's (yeah it's hers) laptop and I had been playing lotsa EarthBound. I had my iPod set on the dark sounds of the Death Note soundtrack, so that was an ispiration as well as glorious fanart from this site. I'm thinking about maybe cleaning this one up and coloring it in the future. That is, if I ever get around to it...
10/6/08 0.00
ZER0 > HER0 Ready For Battle
An enemy appears! This is the finished version of the drawing. My first time to color in Photoshop. So yeah...all characters done out of memory. That's why Jeff has a tie and Poo's clothes are different.
6/28/08 0.00


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