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LUCAS. - by .orangecake.


"Lucas! What are you up to? It looks like fun! Can I play? Lucas! LUCAS! I'm Claus! CLAUS. THE CLAUS THAT LUCAS DOESN'T SEE."

Other Submissions by .orangecake.

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.orangecake. Boy Meets Girl
Inspired by Twoson's theme...
6/26/08 0.00
.orangecake. Breakfast
There are two boys, but only one omelet. Who will get it first?! We may never know! Drawn in MS Paint and transparent background made with GIMP.
8/14/09 0.00
.orangecake. Clay Lucas
Something I made back in July from Sculpey polymer clay, acrylics, and glaze.
9/17/08 9.28
.orangecake. Commanders
I've been trying to be a bit more unique with their clothing designs...
8/25/08 0.00
.orangecake. Flying
Ana and Ninten flying through the sky...
5/27/08 9.00


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