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Ness & his Yo-Yo - by Register

Ness & his Yo-Yo

Even during battle, Ness takes the opportunity to flaunt his beloved yo-yo.

Other Submissions by Register

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Register Challenger - Porky Minch
(Pokey Minch if you prefer.) The spoiled brat neighbor of Ness, Porky Minch, suits up to dominate the Smash arena! Spankety spankety spankety! 3rd submit.
12/7/08 0.00
One part of a long personal continuation to the MOTHER series, following the events of MOTHER 3 nearly 200 years in the future... In this particular shot, an old robotic nemesis rises to exterminate the last in the line of brilliant scientists... His only challenge? The sibling of Giygas. And even then, will she be enough?
9/21/09 0.00
Register From the Pig's Mouth
A brief autobiography, as told by an aging Porky Minch.
2/24/09 0.00
Register Giygas Destination
So, isn't this terrifying? I'm terrified, too.
9/1/09 0.00
Register MOTHER-2-VC
Inspired by some motivational EARTHBOUND FOR VIRTUAL CONSOLE videos... with a little Smash Bros. referencing. First submission.
11/10/08 0.00


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