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Saturn Brothers - by gBev

Saturn Brothers

Two now? Dakota!

Other Submissions by gBev

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gBev All Three Games
Mother 3 finally came in the mail, so now I have a picture of all of the games ttogether.
8/12/08 0.00
gBev EarthBound: BLUE BLUE Edition
For my new EB cart I had to change some of the settings on my TV. This is what it used to look like. My cart seemed stuck on a BLUE BLUE theme =P
9/23/08 0.00
gBev Giygas's Ghosts?
Will he really return?
10/9/08 0.00
gBev Mother3's Porky
A drawing of the Mother3 version of Porky I made in Study Hall. Not that great, but the only fanart I've made so far.
11/19/08 0.00
gBev Saturn Brothers
Two now? Dakota!
11/22/08 0.00


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