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Four Friends - by Shiroi

Four Friends's an old picture I did of the friendly foursome about a year ago. Yeah...back then, I could have sworn Ness was wearing purple shorts with a purple and yellow striped shirt. -_-; Yeah, go me and my spanktacular eyesight (not).

Other Submissions by Shiroi

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Shiroi Venus falls for a Starman
My, my, my. Who's that handsome hunk who just saved Venus from falling on stage? :D
5/30/08 8.00
Shiroi Trick-or-Treaters on Parade
Here it is. I'm finally done with it! Woo-hoo! If anyone doesn't get why certain characters/creatures are what they are, just shoot me a message, I can explain it all. I just don't feel like writing out an obnoxiously long message here. ^^;

Super-jackpot-bonus-points go to whomever can guess who Ness is supposed to be. ;D
11/1/08 0.00
Shiroi The Cultists attempt to convert Paula
I wonder if Paula's being totured more than converted...
3/30/08 9.00
Shiroi The Big Man Himself
You gotta admit...
he's got style.
8/23/10 0.00
Shiroi The Adventure's Just Begun
Because for every ending there is always a beginning. And the Earthbound adventure is full of amazing beginnings.
6/17/12 0.00


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