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Oh God Why Am I Doing This Shop Cover - by Shaon

Oh God Why Am I Doing This Shop Cover

This is my homework assignment. I hope you're happy. >(

Other Submissions by Shaon

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Shaon Forgiven pg 1 -- Claus Gave His Last Breath
Forgiven - #01
Forgiven is a short Mother 3 comic I'm working on.

Holy crap this page took a lot out of me. It’s one of the more ink-intensive pages and I don’t think my prismas nor microns will ever be the same.

Also my scanner broke while trying to scan this which caused me a lot of trouble.

I also feel that this flows a bit funkily but hey, what can you do?
4/17/09 0.00
Shaon Fobby Pot
This is a pinch pot or whatever; I don't know ceramics lingo or whatever. Basically we had to theme it after something and I inexplicably decided to make it fobbies, foppies, and Giegue. Came out pretty well for me (I'm bad at these, teehee).
5/22/09 0.00
Commander Picky (a what-if idea from the fancomic Harmony) is a great idea
10/2/09 0.00
Shaon Forgiven pg 6 -- Torn Apart
Forgiven - #06
You know, for the length this stupid page took me, it was totally _not_ worth it.

The bottom of the page with the broken glass-type effect was something I’ve always wanted to try in a comic, and this is the closest I’ve gotten to pulling it off. I was on the fence about throwing it in for this page, and indeed my first draft didn’t have this (and ended at six pages). I’m somewhat apathetic to how it came out.

This flows weirdly because it’s a transition to the next page. Whoo!
5/4/09 0.00
Shaon Titantic Ant
Inspired by that cool Elobo guy or something.
5/5/09 0.00


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