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The Guy that looks like that Other Guy - by captain_falcon

The Guy that looks like that Other Guy

Everyone says he looks like this guy. He doesn't even know who they are talking about. He just wants to go home and have a peanut cheese bar like a normal kid.

Other Submissions by captain_falcon

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captain_falcon Captain Saturn
BoInG! YoU sHoW mOvEs At Me? ZoOm!
11/15/07 0.00
captain_falcon Green Swirl
No! Ness! Wait! That Hippie is not posessed! Better Run Mr. Hippie. He's been level grinding.
11/15/07 9.00
captain_falcon Lucas sketch
I just drew this to see if I could find a better way of drawing Lucases hair than it appears on the Brawl website. But I figured I would submit it here anyways.
11/15/07 0.00
captain_falcon MOTHER group
This would be my first submission... Its not very impressive. I dont work well with Paint.

I love the characters in the MOTHER series, so I decided
to draw the main party members of each team ( and a Mr. Saturn )together. I was considering adding a few other characters but, decided it was fine as is.
10/21/07 9.00
captain_falcon Reconstructed Giegue
...If this version of Giegue looks familiar, I base its appearance off of Morphine's style. I adore the way she draws giegue.
11/6/07 8.00


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