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Mother 1 Novelization Part 2 - by earthborn

Mother 1 Novelization Part 2

Part two of my M1 novelization.

Other Submissions by earthborn

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earthborn Ana in Animal Crossing
I like that hat. Not so much the pattern I made, though.
12/20/08 0.00
earthborn In the Crypt
Just a horrible drawing I did in Paint. It's of the scene in M1 where you find Pippi in the graveyard.
10/18/08 0.00
earthborn Kumatora in Saint's Row 2
Sorry about the very low picture quality, I used a pretty crappy camera on a very crappy TV. And the angle at which I shot the pic didn't exactly get her face. I'll try to get a better pose on the Teddy character I've made (but, I'll take the pic of him later). But at ;east you get the gist.
7/16/09 0.00
earthborn Mother 1 Novelization Part 2
Part two of my M1 novelization.
1/16/09 0.00
earthborn Mother 3 Novelization Part 1
Part one of my Mother 3 novelization. On hold until I finish M1.
1/15/09 0.00


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