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The Mother 3 Team in Crochet - by Ginrei

The Mother 3 Team in Crochet

After much obsessing over details, here are my Mother 3 "amigurumi"-- small, crochet dolls. They're about 10 inches tall, and very cuddly. =)

Other Submissions by Ginrei

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Ginrei WintriNess
A knitted hat. It's like a baseball cap, only warmer.
3/3/09 0.00
Ginrei Crochet EB no Matsuri
I can't decide which is harder: crocheting a doll of someone who only has TWO blurry N64 pictures for reference, or getting my internet to work in sub-zero temperatures.
1/15/09 0.00
Ginrei Crochet Mr. Saturn Plush
This little guy was made as a Christmas gift... he's going to get stuffed in a coffee mug.
11/16/08 0.00
Ginrei Kumatora Cosplay
Not only is this Kumatora a good friend of mine, but she was the best out of 4 Kumatoras that I saw at ACEN 2009. I love the rainbow gloves!
5/12/09 0.00
Ginrei Mother's Day
Spotted in the wild at ACEN 2009! This vendor had a Mother 2 cartridge, and boxed versions of Mother 1+2 and Mother 3. I was impressed!
5/12/09 0.00


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