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Hypno Saturn - by masheysoup23

Hypno Saturn

I got this idea from Saturn Valley Online.
Don't look into his eyes!

Other Submissions by masheysoup23

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masheysoup23 A Mr. Saturn Christmas
It's Christmas in Saturn Valley!
Took me well over 3 hours to complete this, but I like the end result.
12/6/08 0.00
masheysoup23 Attack of the giant Mr. Saturn!
I was just messing around in photoshop one night, and I came up with this.
I still need to work on my shading...
2/1/09 0.00
masheysoup23 Attack of the Giant Mr. Saturns!
I made this poster for a fake horror movie one night while playing around in photoshop. I used CSwavely's Onett 3D in the background, and he gave me permission to use it.
10/30/08 0.00
masheysoup23 Burp
Master Belch.
I tried a new style with this.
10/19/09 0.00
masheysoup23 Chosen Four Creatures
I drew the Chosen Four as various animals/creatures from Mother 2/EarthBound.
4/5/09 0.00


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