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Ana sprite - by ShadowX

Ana sprite

Mother 1, Media, Desktop Images, Mother Icons Windows desktop icon of Ana's sprite.

Other Submissions by ShadowX

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ShadowX The Motherload
A recent delivery from Celga. Not all mine, but it is tempting...
5/30/07 0.00
ShadowX EarthBound The Musical (Marque)
The off off off Broadway SMAAAASH Hit.

(this is what happens when everyone at work decide to take the day off)
7/29/08 0.00
ShadowX Cart Skin
Mother 1, Media, Desktop Images, Mother WinAMP Skins A WinAMP skin that gives it the look of the famicom Mother cartridge.
2/7/05 0.00
ShadowX Map Skin
Mother 1, Media, Desktop Images, Mother WinAMP Skins A WinAMP skin that gives it the look of the overworld in EB0.
2/7/05 0.00
ShadowX Popped Collar Ness
Title says it all. No clue who the guy is but he always bowls like this every Sunday. He wears a stripped polo shirt with its collar popped up. I was beginning to wonder when he would get to Ness colors, and sure enough he finally has. Pop it like it's hot Ness.
7/2/07 0.00


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