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FLCL Kumatora - by Kurtis T

FLCL Kumatora

It's Kumatora, doing the pose Haruko does. If you ever watched the show, or read the manga, you know what Im talkin' 'bout :D.

Other Submissions by Kurtis T

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Kurtis T ...
8/22/09 0.00
Kurtis T Amnesia
She's still there... Somewhere.
8/22/09 0.00
Kurtis T Around in Earthbound Zero
All around in this here Earthbound.
8/22/09 0.00
Kurtis T Background - Giegue
Hopefully, the next one'll look lot better. Brushes used here can be found at
8/25/09 0.00
Kurtis T Bad Alien
Mewtwo, anyone?
11/15/09 0.00


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