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Lucas cosplay! - by mastershambler

Lucas cosplay!

Here is my Lucas cosplay! I am on the left :)

Other Submissions by mastershambler

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mastershambler A gift for :)
Here we celebrate the best of underrepresented RPG's! Here's a couple of geniuses that could really go places!
7/15/09 0.00
mastershambler Adventuring with Friends
Traveling AX 2009 with a couple of Mr. Saturns! These guys have a great sense of direction!
7/15/09 0.00
mastershambler Bound Around My MOTHER
An updated pic of my MOTHER collection! It sure has grown! Many thanks to the deviants Plushraysetiger, Justsomerandomdude and FanGamer for making much of this possible! I hope to pick up some awesome items for this collection by the fantastic Pandari I did not include my fangamer pics or posters because they are hung up.
6/17/09 0.00
mastershambler Don't let Fantography die!
Taken at Anime Expo 2010!
7/14/10 0.00
mastershambler Fassad face shot!
Me and my dear Salsa. He does whatever I ask. Such a loyal monkey! *Eats banana and throws peal*

My interpretation of him is based on game sprites and the awesome artwork by FlintofMother3!
4/1/09 0.00


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