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Ness cosplay 2 - by Rosecloud

Ness cosplay 2

An other pic of my cosplay, in the Concomics tour 2009 of Aguascalientes =w=
The pikachu is of my best friend

Other Submissions by Rosecloud

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Rosecloud All that I needed was you
Ninten, Ana and Loid singing this precious and famous song ^^
12/5/08 0.00
Rosecloud Ana in old school style
Inspirated in the pixel style in MOTHER for Family Computer, I loved the tree, but Ana looks mad. . .
7/5/09 0.00
Rosecloud Apple kid and Orange kid
My favorite characters of Earthbound! I love their faces, and I was practicing with the patterns . . .
3/28/10 0.00
Rosecloud Chibi Magicant MOTHER 1
A precious cute masterpiece of Magicant of MOTHER, the pink cloudy land appears here, a swimming cat, Queen Mary`s castle, the XX stone and magician houses. Awww I loved the Ninten sketch, Loid looks suprised for this magical place.
7/5/09 0.00
Rosecloud Claus LIEK mudkipz
Yay! The most epic April fools joke, Poor Claus, I hope he liek mudkipz. . .
3/28/10 0.00


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