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Chimera Bunny - by CrouchingMouse

Chimera Bunny

This sticker on my Guitar Hero guitar reminded me of the Ultimate Chimera.

Other Submissions by CrouchingMouse

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CrouchingMouse Loid
Loid is sad...I probably could have done a better job with this.
12/18/08 0.00
CrouchingMouse Masked Lady
This lady from Look Around You is wearing a helmet that looks just like the Masked Man's.
5/19/09 0.00
CrouchingMouse Ness & Paula cosplay
I found these two at Momocon, and they gladly posed for a picture! Paula's outfit is adorable.
3/15/09 0.00
CrouchingMouse Ness vs. Zombies
Taken at a Halloween event at my college's student center. I went as Ness and fought off the zombie menace (my friends).
11/6/11 0.00
CrouchingMouse Not more pigs!
But Lucas, they just want to play...
11/22/08 0.00


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