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Life Abounds in a Desert of Death - by Elobo

Life Abounds in a Desert of Death

Even the heat-scorched sands of a Desert known as Death can harbour a thriving cradle of life. Sand Lizards and Arrow Lizards skitter up to their rocky outcrop, littered with burrows. Weary from their thirsty daily existence, they seek to retreat into their network of homes before the shattering cold of night. They are together now, secure before they challenge the overwhelming presence of the blistering sun once more in the morrow.

Other Submissions by Elobo

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Elobo Spindly Assailant
The moisture is drawn from the air as the Ultra Barbot launches its attack. How can this odd robot wield raw energy as easily as a surgeon does a scalpel? Time is up, the die is cast. A dreadful PK Beam Gamma crests your way. Will the Barbot use its uncanny prowess to steal your life?
4/29/09 0.00
Elobo Stone of Original Sin
Students have approached me and asked why Gargoyles and Rockgoyles are so different. This scroll illustrates a local legend. Both Rockgoyle and Gargoyle were hewn from the Stone of Origin. But the Rockgoyle chose to stay near the Stone taking its power inwards, while the Gargoyle chose to journey from the stone, bringing its power outwards. As such, the Rockgoyle became like stone - cold, stoic, sedentary, and steadfast in its abilities. The Gargoyle became like magma - burning with terrible power, aggressive, and able to bring the influence of the Stone of Origin new places. One cannot exist without the other. Both cut from the same earth.
5/12/09 0.00
Elobo Sunshine In the Forest Cover
SunshineForest - #01
Hey folks, welcome to this little project. I don't normally talk about thought processes and inspirations in the comments box, but I think it's a worthwhile endeavor here. Think of it as an audio commentary, except with text.
7/16/09 0.00
Elobo Sunshine In the Forest Page 1
SunshineForest - #02
submitID 17300
I've framed each page in this way to compliment the art style. It's not completely flat, yet I wanted something very simple and minimal. I didn't want to detract from the picture or text with the frame.
7/16/09 0.00
Elobo Sunshine In the Forest Page 10
SunshineForest - #11
Environmental malleability here, again. Dire!
7/19/09 0.00


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