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Paula In Wonderland - by mikiSPARKS

Paula In Wonderland

A little crossover. I had the idea for this picture since last month, I wonder if anyone has done anything similar. This was also a pain, since I was sick when I drew this ><! Can you guess which EB character is which "Alice" character? Have fun guessing ^^!

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mikiSPARKS The start of a new adventure..
Meh, feelin' sick today and felt like drawing this. I think I went too overboard with Photoshop..ahah. I also dunno what to call this, but it's based on the beginning of Chapter 4 (Mother 3). It's got my two most favorite chracters in the Mother yeah. ^^;
4/5/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Three Hero Plush
Our three heroes in plush doll form! Kinda reminds me of another fan art of mine. I couldn't really think of a name for this..and I really need help with backgrounds. I wish I had the Lucas one. ;-;
8/10/09 0.00


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