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Lucas Cosplay - by LoveOmega

Lucas Cosplay

Me as Lucas. Striking a pose with rope snake. :) I had to include him even though he usually hangs out with Duster.

Other Submissions by LoveOmega

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LoveOmega Ness Eating Steak
We took a break and went to dinner after running around the con all day and Craziness got her favorite food,steak, which happens to be the same as Ness's. (At least if you keep all the default names)
7/19/09 0.00
LoveOmega Hinawa's Grave
We have this random gravestone in our yard for no reason, so I thought, why not?
7/16/09 0.00
LoveOmega Let's Be Friends...
We found an awesome Pokey. She even acted like him and everything!!!
7/19/09 0.00
LoveOmega Barrier Trio!
This Kumatora suggested that we do a Barrier Trio pose, and this picture ended up turning out really good. :)
7/19/09 0.00
LoveOmega Omelet!!!
Okay, not really. But it was still good. :P
7/19/09 0.00


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