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Paula - by emaw the awesome


i like this... paula is normally hard for me to draw.

Other Submissions by emaw the awesome

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emaw the awesome Electro Specter: A Boss
This wasn't easy but it wasn't hard, so I hope you like it!!!
7/6/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Giygas: The Final Boss
This was actually easier than I thought, but it still wasn't easy, the bits round the head where it was very detailed was the hardest bit! Hope you like it, (as Giygas would say) puny earthlings!
7/6/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Hinawa
i decided to give this picture a little Christmas spirit, so i added the holly into her hair!! enjoy xx
12/21/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Hinawa!
I like sunflowers but I almost cried the time when they broke the news that she had passed away!
7/5/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Jeff 'Just Made It!'
Jeff only just made it to Tessie by jumping! As you can see, he is in a bit of a mess and is obviously not going to do THAT again. Sorry if the bubble gum monkey is larger than Jeff's head. It was an effect that went kinda wrong, he was meant to be nearer to you than them!
9/7/09 0.00


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