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Three Hero Plush - by mikiSPARKS

Three Hero Plush

Our three heroes in plush doll form! Kinda reminds me of another fan art of mine. I couldn't really think of a name for this..and I really need help with backgrounds. I wish I had the Lucas one. ;-;

Other Submissions by mikiSPARKS

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mikiSPARKS Paula In Wonderland
A little crossover. I had the idea for this picture since last month, I wonder if anyone has done anything similar. This was also a pain, since I was sick when I drew this ><! Can you guess which EB character is which "Alice" character? Have fun guessing ^^!
7/10/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Pippi
No background this time. >: I've never drawn her before, so I decided, why not?
8/29/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Poor Ropesnake!
Lazy on the background ^_~. It seems that after entering a dungeon, Boney mistakes Rope Snake for a Slitherhen or something! Poor guy!.....I can't draw Duster...;-;.
7/29/09 0.00


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