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Apple Kid's Smile-o-Matic - by DanMat6288

Apple Kid's Smile-o-Matic

Drew this for Dantelric when she was feeling down. She's Paula, I'm Apple Kid.

Other Submissions by DanMat6288

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DanMat6288 Apple Kid's Smile-o-Matic
Drew this for Dantelric when she was feeling down. She's Paula, I'm Apple Kid.
10/7/09 0.00
DanMat6288 Bound Together "album cover"
I downloaded the remix project "Bound Together" some time ago. Recently, I took all my favorite songs that would fit onto one CD and burned a hard copy for myself. So, I threw together this "album cover" to print out for the case. The title is a little manipulation I did with the EarthBound title card, and the characters shown are from the top of a Mother Meme I filled out earlier.
10/7/09 0.00
DanMat6288 Chem Class Accident
Image showing Jeff Andonuts and my fan character, Rico Johnson, in Snow Woods chemistry class. As you can see, there was a little accident on Rico's part.
10/7/09 0.00
DanMat6288 Contest entry with Ness in "Cats in the Cradle"
This was my entry for a contest held by mrsaturn123 at deviantART for matching lyrics of a song up with a piece of fan art from any media. I chose to draw a picture of Ness with his dad that could relate to the lyrics of "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin. Mrsaturn123 awarded me 2nd place in the most creative with lyrics choice section.
10/7/09 0.00
DanMat6288 I herd you liek Jeff!
Gift I made for a friend of mine at deviantART whose favorite character is Jeff Andonuts.

The center image shows Jeff with his laser. The top left image shows him firing his multi bottle rockets. The two to the right are of Jeff and Tony cosplaying _Code Lyoko_ characters Jeremie and Aelita. And, on the bottom left, Jeff pretends he has PSI. Included are Ness and Picky Minch.
10/7/09 0.00


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