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kumatora licking strawberry ice cream - by garageman45

kumatora licking strawberry ice cream

kumatora from mother 3 licking an ice cream cone while sitting on a giant mr. saturn (boing). the flavor of the ice cream she's licking is strawberry as said in the title, which matches her hair, as you can see. I drew quite a body on her, don't you think?

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garageman45 my duster costume
this is me dressed as duster. now I originally wore this at akon 20 but nobody recognized me except a few people who were into the mother series as well as me but that was about it. which is why I haven't worn this costume since this. so I decided to dig it up and wear it for this photo just to show it off to everyone in the mother world and no I'm not wearing this for halloween because no one will know who I am anyway.
10/31/09 0.00
garageman45 my duster costume with one wall staple
there's me again as duster looking crazy with a wall staple. I couldn't hold the other one because I had a camera in my hand but I look possessed as if I'm gonna kill somebody with that wall staple
10/31/09 0.00


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