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Ash - by ectomy


Ash- murder by death

Other Submissions by ectomy

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ectomy Violet
The colors are wonky as heck, but I do love this gal :D
9/4/09 0.00
ectomy Breath
She accepts him for who he is :D
9/4/09 8.00
ectomy hate
Red and black india ink
9/9/09 0.00
ectomy Space Program
Lyrics = She's An Angel - They Might be Giants
9/24/09 0.00
ectomy Bros
just something. I like pre-gigyas porky and picky cause they were probably normal ol' brothers, Pokey picked on him a little, they hung out when they weren't fighting, Then gigyas really corrupted his poor ol heart so bad.
9/5/09 0.00


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