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Osoho III: Ionia's Task - by mini saturn

Osoho III: Ionia's Task

(Special thanks to shiroandfubuki!) In the great time of the Osohe Kingdom in 100X, a retired warrior named Sage seems to be the only hope for the world (Well, at least until the world gets destroyed centuries later.)

Other Submissions by mini saturn

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mini saturn Abstract Dept. Store fight
Use your imagination.
9/16/09 0.00
mini saturn Angelic Paula
Was going to have Ana in it, but that would take forever to make.
3/8/09 0.00
mini saturn Blooming Electra Under Funky Twilight
weird titles are the best!
6/19/09 0.00
mini saturn Blue Blue Paula
If Ness never saved her...
10/11/09 0.00
mini saturn Happy Dr. King Day!
Oh wait, wrong Dr.
1/19/10 0.00


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