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Lucas - by J-MACHine


"Uuuuh... H-Hi...?"

Other Submissions by J-MACHine

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J-MACHine Die!
The form of Giegue's Attack was Inexplicable!
10/26/09 0.00
J-MACHine Go...
Perish with the rest of the UGLY earth people.
10/26/09 0.00
J-MACHine Lucas
"Uuuuh... H-Hi...?"
10/26/09 0.00
J-MACHine Ness
"Fuzzy Pickles!"
10/26/09 0.00
J-MACHine Ninten
"Do i HAVE to go into the spooky graveyard to rescue your surely zombie-chow-by-now daughter?"
10/26/09 0.00


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