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Why the frying pan? - by slovaksiren

Why the frying pan?

Probably the most common question during the Halloween party with people from school was "Why do you have a frying pan?" my response: "To hit aliens with silly!" I felt kind of out of place though... Fuzzy Pickles!

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slovaksiren Perler bead Pigmask
My pigmask major made out of perler beads, I will definitely make the other ranks too!
7/13/09 0.00
slovaksiren perler bead ana
Here is Ana, I love mother sprites, they are so easy, though man, those black beads run out so fast!
7/18/09 0.00
slovaksiren Perler bead starman
I see I did alright on the shading... still, I'm suprised that nobody has ever thought of doing a starman, I guess that makes me the first!
7/21/09 0.00
slovaksiren perler bead ninten
It's pretty self-explanitory it's Ninten made out of perler beads!
7/23/09 0.00
slovaksiren Pig mask colonel helmet
Here is my finished pigmask helmet for my cosplay I'm working on, I'm really proud of it especially since I consider myself a super-nova novice when it comes to props and stuff. The peacoat and stuff should be a piece of cake!
7/23/09 0.00


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