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Why the frying pan? - by slovaksiren

Why the frying pan?

Probably the most common question during the Halloween party with people from school was "Why do you have a frying pan?" my response: "To hit aliens with silly!" I felt kind of out of place though... Fuzzy Pickles!

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slovaksiren PK Freeze?
A better shot of my new Ana skirt, though yeah, I only had three seconds to pose and only one picture for the cosplay contest. Yeah, I did not practice... still, I met an Earthbound fan there, now she wants to play Earthbound Zero really badly...
11/3/09 0.00
slovaksiren Mr. Saturn Love
8/25/09 0.00
slovaksiren Ana Collage
Doing various things dressed as Ana.
8/20/09 0.00
slovaksiren Halloween party group
Here am I celebrating Halloween with a group of friends of course, I'm dressed as Ana in the picture (I love my expression!). It was a great party the first hour, that is, until the boys came and started playing loud, ear shattering rap music. That is when I left, I really didn't have that much fun...
11/3/09 0.00
slovaksiren perler bead ana
Here is Ana, I love mother sprites, they are so easy, though man, those black beads run out so fast!
7/18/09 0.00


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