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Why the frying pan? - by slovaksiren

Why the frying pan?

Probably the most common question during the Halloween party with people from school was "Why do you have a frying pan?" my response: "To hit aliens with silly!" I felt kind of out of place though... Fuzzy Pickles!

Other Submissions by slovaksiren

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slovaksiren Ana Collage
Doing various things dressed as Ana.
8/20/09 0.00
slovaksiren Ana cooking
My frying pan is multi-purpose! It can be used for cooking AND hitting people with!
7/3/10 0.00
slovaksiren Ana has Ninten's hat
I got your hat Ninten!
7/3/10 0.00
slovaksiren Ana v. 2.0
Here it is, my new and improved Ana! The only thing I really changed was give her a solid pink skirt and I'm set. This was taken at my local FYE that was having their anime day usually bimonthly. Did I mention I won second place? Woo Hoo! Mostly because everyone loved how in character I was and the fact that I wielded a FRYING PAN!
10/17/09 0.00
slovaksiren Earthbounders at JAFAX
I know JAFAX was nearly a month ago, but I just realized I had this photo of me and my fellow Earthbound fans at JAFAX, I am cosplaying the happy happyist and then there is Questionsleep cosplaying as (the wrong) Lucas and then his friend! Hopefully I will be able to recruit more Earthbound cosplayers for JAFAX next year, I was the only one! (a Ness was supposed to come though, but I didn't see him!)
7/23/09 0.00


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