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M3A – Chapter One Page - by OfficerJordan

M3A – Chapter One Page

m3awaken - #13
A page that goes between 12 and 13. The Night of the Funeral… Drawn by Aangie.

Other Submissions by OfficerJordan

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OfficerJordan TT: Tale of the Poinsettia – Page 04
TTPoinsettia - #04
Abbey is welcomed into the odd and outrageous home of the Magypsy, Lydia. Wait… a plant, in winter…? Drawn by Aangie.
3/7/10 0.00
OfficerJordan This Sanctuary is Mine!
The Chosen Four prepare for battle! By OfficerJordan, Eyes5 and MysticPyroFreak
5/1/09 0.00
OfficerJordan Fobby Action Squad
You'll never see them coming!
9/2/08 0.00
OfficerJordan Enlightenment
Giygas holds the Apple of Enlightenment.
2/10/09 0.00
OfficerJordan The End of EVE
The wreckage of George's beloved creation: EVE sings her last swan song. My backgrounds are lacking, so this is what you guys get. But EVE has 19 years on Pixar’s EVE, so hah!
6/26/10 0.00


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