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Always with you - by Axl-fox

Always with you

"Strange, funny and heartrending"

*dies* I took me like...4 days to finish this, I really like how it came out

I can't help but feel a little melancholic each time I look at it thou...

Other Submissions by Axl-fox

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Axl-fox Life of a Sunflower
7/21/10 10.00
Axl-fox Motherless Children
"Lucas, how was your mom like? was she nice?"

"...I only asked ‘cause I wondered what it’s like to
have one"
1/12/10 9.00
Axl-fox My friend from the future
my little fellow Buzz-buzz
12/18/09 8.00
Axl-fox Ness' Nightmare
"You can't beat me
Because you're the one who
forced me into being"
11/17/09 9.00
Axl-fox PK...
my first attemp at pixel art, I still have a long way to go
11/26/09 0.00


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