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Mixolydian Music - by Katrina Watersong

Mixolydian Music

Something I drew, considering how the Magypsies got their names. The music thingy in the background represents Mixolydian mode, for which Missy was named.♥

May or may not do a whole series of these with all the Magypsies, I'm thinking about it.♥

I'm officially a Mixolydia fan if I keep drawing her...♥

Other Submissions by Katrina Watersong

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Katrina Watersong A Dragonish Giygas
This is my version of Giygas. Not the skull thing that is typically seen but a more dragonish version. I thought I'd submit this as my first piece of Fan Art here. I am Katrina Watersong, please accept me.
11/1/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Happy Happy Pigmask Joy
The Masked Man rides on the Ultimate Chimera, with two pig soldiers following beside him. Only a crazy person like me could make the Pigmask Army seem so cute and happy.
11/1/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Misadventures of Lucas & Kumatora 1: Dust For Fun
First in a series of comic strips titled "The Misadventures of Lucas & Kumatora". Lucas has some fun drawing pictures of Duster... with puns on said man's name.
11/2/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Ness Likes Rainbows
Drawing Ness onto a background I made today. I like colors, don't you?
11/3/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Humanized Salsa
I drew Salsa as a monkey-boy... because I like drawing stuff of this sort. Call me strange, but I like drawing furries and animal-people...
11/5/09 0.00


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