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Dead as a Zombie - by ohboy

Dead as a Zombie

During the zombie's invasion of Threed, Jimmy Mondale left his family to seek refuge. Now he realizes just what he abandoned in the aftermath.

Other Submissions by ohboy

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ohboy Quantum Leaping Through Winters: Part One
In a crossover with "Quantum Leap", Sam, who leaps into Jeff Andonuts, has to travel across Winters in order to save Ness and Paula, while the real Jeff is whisked into the future.
7/3/09 0.00
ohboy Starman Junior's Mission
I wrote this short story for the very first GPP of the 2009 EBFGP. It's a look at the battle with Starman Junior from the machine soldier's perspective.
8/23/09 0.00
ohboy The Last Few Moments
Ness looks back at his life before he was joined the war against Giygas, and then how it changed him.
9/17/09 0.00
ohboy Mook on the Forty-Eighth Floor
A look at the Mook's thoughts on both Monotoli and his mission, as he is being given his assignment to capture Paula.
9/30/09 0.00
ohboy Chicken Palace
Aloysius recounts his and Lardna’s traumating last visit to Chicken Palace, a nearby Onett chicken restaurant.
11/18/09 0.00


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