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Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1 - by ghostgirl21696

Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1

earthfelt2 - #01
page 13 of the comic: The next page is going to be a WHOLE LOT WEIRDER. Trust me.

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ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 9
earthfelt3 - #09
Page 73: Neal Thompson, the 14 year old brother of Snake (rest in peace) is introduced, and he's apparently mad at something. Does he know?
3/20/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 10
earthfelt3 - #10
Page 74: WYLENE!!!! WHY MUST YOU LIE???!!!!! Wait, are we really sure it's Wylene he's talking about? He said "hot babe."
3/27/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 11
earthfelt3 - #11
Page 75: Nina... what could it possibly be?! Are you homesick? Learning PSI? I think it could be something totally different...
3/27/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 12
earthfelt3 - #12
Page 76: Neal takes out the heavy artillery on two younger children. That's cruel, man.(Even though the age difference is one year.)
3/27/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 13
earthfelt3 - #13
Page 77: I should mention that the laser gun is on "very weak 5 second long stun" mode.
3/27/10 0.00


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