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Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1 - by ghostgirl21696

Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1

earthfelt2 - #01
page 13 of the comic: The next page is going to be a WHOLE LOT WEIRDER. Trust me.

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ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: prologue page 6
earthfelt1 - #06
Page 6: Police in the way. Again.
2/4/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: prologue page 7
earthfelt1 - #07
Pg 7: we meet Wylene. She seems nice, But she's a cold hearted rich girl with a huge crush on Terry.
2/5/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: prologue page 8
earthfelt1 - #08
Page 8: Wylene lost her brother, Pic- I mean Noah, and blames it on zombies. Original.
2/5/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: prologue page 9
earthfelt1 - #09
Page 9- they find Noah, and before Wylene bites his head off, he hears something.
2/5/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: prologue page 10
earthfelt1 - #10
2/5/10 0.00


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