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Feel Like A King - by Galena

Feel Like A King

Part of an advertisement I made.

Other Submissions by Galena

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Galena A Lesson in PSI
A brief and casually-written research essay on the topic of PSI and PK. This article explains what the phenomenon is in basic, real terms, explains how it works, and relates the information back to the Mother series. This essay was written as part of a personal research project for a novel. A works cited list is included. Questions are welcome.
1/3/12 0.00
Galena Earthbound Poster
The first hand-drawn poster for my Earthbound Screenplay Project. It can be read at, or find it at
This was done in Photoshop CS3 with a Bamboo Fun tablet.
7/28/09 0.00
Galena Mother 3 Poster
Cliche tagline is cliche. But it was all I could think of for now. This is the poster for the Mother 3 Screenplay I'm writing.
12/2/09 0.00
Galena Tanetane is Psychedelic
Inspired by 1960's rock posters
6/28/11 0.00


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