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Sunflower and Blade - Page 25 - by shiroandfubuki

Sunflower and Blade - Page 25

sab - #25
Interlude 1

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shiroandfubuki Safety
In the final moment before tragedy is known, a family is, for just an instant, reunited in the safety of an embrace. Maybe, in that second, they were able to forget what had befallen them; never before had they been so happy to see each-other.
1/20/10 0.00
shiroandfubuki She Was Like a Sunflower
[Tegaki] You never see the face you want to see the most.
10/15/09 0.00
shiroandfubuki So Much to be Grateful For
A nostalgic snapshot. Somehow, Flint became the star of this picture: he has so much to be grateful for, and his face really shows it.
11/7/09 0.00
shiroandfubuki Steam-Powered Starman Atacks!
From a distant planet, the Steam-Powered Starman has only one goal – the total destruction of anything that opposes it. It’s arms – a six-jointed tube able to extend to almost double its length – are tipped with powerful guns capable of firing a strange, alien energy. Said guns split in to three parts, allowing for movement and rudimentary grabbing capability. Various valves and panels let out puffs of steam, even when the machine is idle. The main body of the Steam-Powered Starman looks large enough to fit someone inside…
12/1/09 0.00
shiroandfubuki Sunflower and Blade - Page 1
sab - #01
11/16/09 0.00


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