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Claus LIEK mudkipz - by Rosecloud

Claus LIEK mudkipz

Yay! The most epic April fools joke, Poor Claus, I hope he liek mudkipz. . .

Other Submissions by Rosecloud

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Rosecloud Marvelous Misadventures
A small parody of the marvelous misadventures of Flapjack, Tony as Flappy, the Capitain "Andonuts" and Nessie the whale...
PK Adventuuuure!
10/6/09 0.00
Rosecloud MOTHER 20th anniversary
Now is my turn to dedicate a drawing for 20 years to the best RPG of Nintendo, MOTHER. Sorry If I finished today, but now Is ready for all the MOTHER fans on all the world, I was surprised for all the things that I found at DA, youtube, blogs and obviously, I loved so much the "Ninten cake"

There`s the link of DA
7/28/09 0.00
Rosecloud Mr Saturn cake for Christmas
I made this cute cake yesterday, the flavor is of vanilla, I made for christmas party, enjoy ZOOM! DING!
12/19/08 0.00
Rosecloud My Ness costume
Well, this is my halloween costume of 2008, my hair sucks, I know (cries) but well, fuzzy pickles! (Ignore the Tide box please XD)
12/8/08 0.00


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