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M2: Harmony - Hinawa's Diary Pg.8 - Romantic Mangroves - by meedee

M2: Harmony - Hinawa's Diary Pg.8 - Romantic Mangroves

hindia - #08
The eighth of twelve.

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meedee "I miss you"
(Sorry, had to resubmit this because of small technical difficulty)
One final photo of the cast of Harmony, probably all gathered together on Christmas Eve
1/22/10 0.00
meedee *Thump* *Thump*
The man/woman next me I'm holding hands with... He's/she's still with me after all this time. I guess there's no question that he/she loves me, huh?What if this is the end? Well, I'm not nervous. *thump* *thump*
11/22/09 0.00
meedee A Cowboy and a Girl
“He loves me,
He loves me not,
He loves me…!
Mr. Cow really does love me!”

Hinawa and Flint, ages 9 and 11
1/22/10 0.00
meedee Boing Hair Gel Brings Kids Together
There, I did it! Fanart not relating to Harmony! It's really simple, and whatever, but the point is that it exists!
8/8/09 0.00
meedee Cool Now?
Harmony "What if" art!
Commander Picky. This is what would have happened if it weren't for one person. If it weren't for one girl, Picky would have chosen to go with his brother to serve under him and command his army. Armed with a sword and wrist canon, and a full meal for once... But miserable, lonesome, regretful.
Gekko wrote a story for this too, it's in the Harmony topic in the forums!
9/29/09 0.00


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