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The Child with Golden Eyes - by KaziRede

The Child with Golden Eyes

I take pride in possibly being the only person who gives Lucas Golden eyes.

Other Submissions by KaziRede

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KaziRede The Egg of Liiiiight!
It's actually not as good as I hoped it would be: It's my first time making one ._.;
5/3/09 0.00
KaziRede Ness ... in Lupin the Third?!
I was watching 'Lupin the Third' when I was shown this, not even a minute into the show! Not only did I find EarthBound, but Also FaB As well! Who would've guessed?
5/28/09 0.00
KaziRede Lucas says OMIGOSH
"Where are all the sunflowers?"
6/8/09 0.00
Look how SERIOUS he is!
6/13/09 0.00
KaziRede Claus says "YEAH!"
"Let us go forward and make FRIENDSHIP SPEECHES!"
6/16/09 0.00


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