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Ness's Aim Really Sucks Part Two - by Chibi-Pit

Ness's Aim Really Sucks Part Two

…Less about Ness’s aim suckin’ and more about the fact that even a SLUG can avoid an incoming bat attack from the so-called number one baseball fan in Onett.

I said part two would be funnier, but I LIED.

Other Submissions by Chibi-Pit

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Chibi-Pit Anna tried PK Fire!
"Anna tried PK Fire!

...Strangely enough, her skirt didn't catch ablaze."
8/4/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit First time out flying
"Pi-Pit, we're so high up from the ground. I... I think I'm gonna fall!!"

"Calm down, Lucas! I won't let you fall, I promise!"

(...A birthday gift for a friend.)
8/31/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit He's Just A Normal Boy From Onett
So let's start the new year off with a picture of Ness and Mr. Saturn whichshouldtotallytellyouthatI'mgoingtobestickingtomyNewYear'sresolutiontominimizedrawing/submittingMOTHER/EarthBoundfanartfortherestoftheyearsothatIcangiveotherseriesthatIlike(namelyKidIcarusandIceClimber)achanceformorelimelighttimeinmygallerybecauseincaseyoucouldn'ttellalreadyMOTHER/EarthBoundprettymuchdominatesmygalleryandcontradictsmyusername.

I'm still not entirely happy with this picture, since there are still many things that I feel are not right and could be fixed, but I ran out of time to correct them. Coloring this was fun, though—despite my computer screaming against the indignity of all the layers. (Must have had at least over twenty layers for the coloring alone—normally I limit it to four or five.)

Behold my inability to draw good-looking psychic energy!
1/1/11 0.00
Chibi-Pit I finally found you
Ever since you disappeared three years ago, I've awaited for your return home. And now... now I've finally found you.

But... why must it be so heart-rending......?
8/2/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit It's been a long day
"It's been a long day, huh. But... I had a good time with you. Let's play again sometime.

Well, see 'ya later."
8/3/10 0.00


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