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Me am College student - by KaziRede

Me am College student

I decided to celebrate moving into my dorm. How? By taking a picture of my Lucky Little Saturn on my Laptop~

Other Submissions by KaziRede

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KaziRede A Lazy Afternoon
Duster and Kumatora decide to spend an afternoon just lazing about. This is how they do it!
7/10/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 3
I guess there was sort of a hiccup, so I'm trying one more time on this ^^;
7/11/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower Seeds REDUX Cover page
Me and Abyss are starting over with Sunflower Seeds, so here is the cover page! Awesome!
7/3/11 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower Seeds REDUX Page 1
The Pig King contemplates.
7/3/11 0.00
KaziRede The Child with Golden Eyes
I take pride in possibly being the only person who gives Lucas Golden eyes.
7/13/10 0.00


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