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Duster, Kuma, Lucas and Boney - by valeramiko

Duster, Kuma, Lucas and Boney

It was one of mi first draws of they four. I do not know draw very well, but it is not so bad.

Hello!! all MOTHER 3 fans!!

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valeramiko Himawari γ²γΎγ‚γ‚Š
I dedicated this picture to a group on facebook of Latinamerican Fans of MOTHER named "Los pigmask del Stoic club" because the Mother's Day. I love you "MotherHeads"!! They are my friends :)
Specially, I cry in the scene of the chapter of "Flowers and illusions" when Hinawa appears to Lucas and leads him to an output; even she is dead, she still cares their children T.T *snif* Sorry for my english.
6/5/12 0.00


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